Missionary Program

Totus Tuus missionaries are post-secondary students, recent graduates, and seminarians who want to spend a summer (or several summers) sharing their love for Jesus with children. They are also keen to know God's will for their lives, and are open to the promptings of the Spirit leading them closer to union with Him. 

Missionaries are hired based on their love for their faith, commitment to spiritual growth, and ability to make the Catholic faith 'real' for children and youth. They have experience and an understanding of parish ministry. Successful candidates are confident persons who are able to work well in a team, travelling weekly from parish to parish offering day and evening programs to youth, and are comfortable speaking to large groups. 

Life as a Missionary

Your summer as a missionary will begin in June and end in August. In the spirit of missionary work, expect to be away from home most of the summer as your basic needs will be provided primarily through the generosity of parishes and parishioners. The summer begins with a transforming experience: a walking pilgrimage from Toronto to Martyr’s Shrine in Midland. Following that are three weeks of training, then four weeks of parish assignments, a break week, the final parish assignment, and the summer ends with a retreat. Each weekend you will have an opportunity to spend time at home. As this will be a demanding summer in many ways, we highly recommend that you use that weekend time to be with your family and to rest.

Though you will receive a fair wage during this summer as missionary, the true value of this experience will be in how it enables you to grow in virtue and see God’s guiding hand in your life.

Discernment Process

Some questions to consider before applying to become a Totus Tuus Missionary:

  • Do you have a desire to give yourself totally and radically for Jesus?

  • Do you have a love for the faith you would like to share with enthusiasm?

  • Do you have the gift of being able to relate to youth with energy and conviction?

  • Are you willing to allow the Lord to use you and your gifts as His instrument of grace?