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Parish Registration

All spots for Summer 2023 are filled!

Parish registration is now closed, as of January 16th, 2023.

Thank you for your interest in booking Totus Tuus for your parish. All spots for Summer 2023 have now been filled. You are welcome to complete the registration form to be added to our waitlist. You will be contacted if a week becomes available.

If you are a parent or young person interested in registering for a Totus Tuus program near you, please contact your local parish youth minister or pastor.

Camp Locations & Dates

Fees and Payment Schedule

Program Cost: $3500

Deposit Due Upon Registration: $2000

Remaining Balance ($1500) Due By May 29, 2023

An invoice will be sent after your camp is complete for any additional costs (e.g. extra t-shirts).

The registration fee covers a team of four missionaries facilitating a week of summer camp in your parish. This includes up to 60 campers in grades 1-6 during the day, as well as an evening program for up to 35 students in grades 7-12. Included in the registration fee is one t-shirt for each camper, up to a maximum of 60 camper shirts.

If your parish has sufficient volunteers to handle additional campers above the maximum of 60 campers for the day camp, you may register them for an added fee of $50 per camper. Additional t-shirts will be included for these campers as well. If you have any questions about this, please give our office a call.


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