Totus Tuus Day Camp

Grades 1-6

During the week, the children entering grades one through six in the upcoming fall school year participate in four classes each day, attend daily Mass, learn the Mass parts and liturgical songs, participate in games, icebreakers, skits, songs, recess, and prayer.  The grade school curriculum helps children to learn and be reinforced in important principles of their Catholic faith. Furthermore, Totus Tuus strives to help students be clear and consistent in their faith. College students who are on fire with their faith give the students living examples to observe and then imitate. This process teaches them that being a witness to their faith in the world around them is a very realistic and worthwhile goal. Finally, Totus Tuus endeavors to show children that the humble, yet courageous process of seeking Christ is a journey that must be aided by prayer and the Sacraments.


Totus Tuus uses Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church to instill the faith of the Church in the hearts and minds of young people. It follows a six-year cycle, so young people can be part of Totus Tuus year after year and always learn something new! The cycle is as follows:

  • 2018: The Apostles Creed

  • 2019: The Sacraments

  • 2020: The 10 Commandments

  • 2021: The Virtues

  • 2022: Prayer

  • 2023: The Mystery of Salvation


A Typical Day in Totus Tuus Day Camp:

  8:45am - Arrival and Welcome

  9:00am - Introduction and Skit

  9:15am - Warmup and Songs

  9:30am - Class #1

  9:55am - Snack

10:10am - Music Preparation for Mass

10:30am - Class #2

10:55am - Mass Preparation/Confession

11:20am - Daily Mass

12:00pm - Lunch Recess

12:45pm - Cool Down and Water Break

  1:00pm - Afternoon Introduction and Skit

  1:15pm - Class #3

  1:40pm - Break

  1:55pm - Class #4

  2:20pm - Review and Closing Prayer

  2:30pm - Dismissal